Daiori's Daisho


Daiori’s Daisho was the katana and wakizashi held by the Seppun Daimyo Seppun Daiori in the moment of his death, defending the Crane Embassy against the intruders during the Scorpion Clan Coup.

As Daiori fought the Scorpion away from the embassy, he felt overwhelming anger and horror at the events around him. His rage-filled heart reached out at the moment of his death and touched the daisho in his hands, which was damned with a powerful curse.

Seppun Ayumu
The daisho came to the hands of Seppun Ayumu, an Imperial daimyo with great political ties. During Winter Court at Kyuden Doji Ayumu met Doji Haruki, a minor daimyo. He took a fancy to Haruki and gifted him with the daisho.

Doji Haruki
Haruki’s career was at a standstill, and he worried that his greater ambitions would never be realized. The curse brewed inside the daisho for years, feeding on the frustration of Haruki. Eventually the daisho was stolen.

After removing the curse on the blades, Kakita Shoukaku took possession of the blades.

Daiori's Daisho

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