L5R One

The daisho of Seppun Daiori

Daiori’s Daisho

The gang was invited to a party by Doji Haruki. Before they could hit the road, Haruki discovered that his prized posession, the daisho of Seppun Daiori had been stolen.

The gang tracked down the thief, Seppun Kazumi, and discovered that Seppun Ayumu had sent her to destroy the blade, which was cursed with the gaki of Seppun Daiori.

Kakita Shoukaku reluctantly defeated Seppun Kazumi in a duel and allowed her to perform seppuku for her actions.

The gang had the daisho reforged by a Kaiu blacksmith in Wachimasu, where the gaki in the blade was released. After defeating the gaki, the gang spoke with both Doji Haruki and Seppun Ayumu who both agreed that the gang should keep the blade.

Seppun Ayumu then recommended the gang to the Emerald Magistrates, where he can keep track of them.



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